We live just outside a small village called Vihtavuori, about 20 kilometers from Jyväskylä town.  We have four Irish Setters and three cats. We have bred Irish Setters for 20 years.

How did all start… When 1980 my husband, Olli, and I decided to get a dog, the choice was a setter, without any doubts. The beauty, energy, temperament and the size of this breed were the relevant matters which affected to our decision. So we reserved English Setter puppy, but when waiting for her we visited the kennel which has few weeks old Irish Setter puppies and we were "sold" & endash; one of the puppies was reserved for us.

The first of May 1980 was a day to remember for ever; all started then. Despite of the opposition of my parents, 8 weeks old setter puppy Krisse moved to us. Little by little our suspicious relatives were charmed by Krisse with her lovely character. Three years later we got our second Irish Setter, Jenni. Soon we noticed that we were very much involved with activities with the dogs; shows, hunting camps, obedience tests and training.

Midsummer 1987 I travelled with my friend to Sweden for mating. In Kennel Cherokees we fell in love with 4 months old girl Cherokees Lucille. After few negotiations we were once again happy puppy owners ! Luci was a real lady like who recognized her value. The next few years Cherokees Lucille was one of the most successful Irish Setters in show rings in Finland.

Year 1989 we got our kennel name Frinan. In December 1990 we imported from Sweden Tactic's Magic Memory, "Maggie" (Tactic's Gloria of Crown Point x Danaway Raingold Warrior). Maggie was full of energy, she had beautiful expression and good body construction and she moved with excellent drive. And in addition to these fine qualities she enjoyed showing herself ! In shows Maggie succeeded well gathering many BOB and BOS- placements. Maggie became the base of our breeding. We still hope that we are able to maintain Maggie's good qualities in further generations. Tactic's Magic Memory was The Brood Bitch of the Year in 1998-2000. 1998-2003 we achieved the titel The Breeder of the Year in Finnish Setter Club's annual show dog competition. Year 1993 we imported from England Tagamago's Kind of Magic, "Oona". Oona charmed both us and the show judges. Oona's best achievements in shows were several victories in gundog group.

October 1993 our first litter, H-litter, was born and our breeding career with Irish Setters started.

Our aim is to breed healthy and good temperament dogs with that beautiful and elegant appearance which is typical for this breed. All our puppies grow among our family, so they always get used to everyday life among people and other dogs.

Welcome to our pages, we hope that you enjoy it!