I'm the first bright blossom you'll see in the spring, The first warm raindrop that April will bring. I'm the first ray of light when the sun starts to shine, and you'll see that the face in the moon is mine

> Danaway Inquistor
> Copper´s Bubbel Story

  • Tactic´s Magic Memory

    "Maggie" 20.9.1990 – 20.11.2000 A2 NN
    Breeder Marie Carlén, Sweden
    "We had her on the 1st of December 1990. It was a memorable day. We were lucky to share all these years with her. We got so many unique Magic Memories. We are happy, because she lives on through her beutiful children and grandchildren."

  • Cherokees Lucille

    “Luci” 28.3.1987-8.11.1996   Breeder Kjell & Ellinor Kårström ,Sweden "She was the most beautiful we had ever seen before. She was a perfect lady. We had a lot of fun with her in  show rings and obedience competitions.  Sweet dreams... " 

  • Wickenberry Red Ribbon

    "Riddle" Born 5.10.1994 – 1.2.2007 A NN Breeder Jenny Quinn, England
    "There´s a corner of my heart. That belongs to only you. No one else can have it. Whatever they may do. They can try to reach that corner. But they´ll never find the way. It´s a corner that belongs to you dear Riddle!"

  • Danaway Rock-A-Fella

    "Ronnie" 21.11.1995 – 7.9.2006
    Breeder Brian and Mary Gurney, England "Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, still very dear. Gone are the days we used to share, but in our hearts you are always there. We loved you very much our special boy, Ronnie!"

  • Kerrylaw´s Candle In The Dark

    "Kevin" Born 23.1.2006 – 5.9.2006
    Breeder Carina Nilsén , Sweden
    "You were like a shooting star, I hope we could wish..."

  • Frinan New Dawn

    "Sara" Born 10.7.1999 B NN
    Owned by Eija ja Olli Jormakka Sara 10.7.1999-9.3.2012 "Sara I´ll never forget your special smile. It still makes me smile. You will live forever in our memories and hearts, our own special Frinan girl."

  • Tagamago´s Kind Of Magic

    "Oona" 22.2.1993 – 20.11.2000
    Breeder Maureen Savage, England
    "We thank her for all the joy she gave us. She was a happy girl with one of the waggiest tail ever. "

  • Lordly Faithful

    " Rosa " Born 16.09.2006 B/B NN
    Breeder Jean and Rita Struyf-De Groof, Belgium "9.6.2006-22.12.2011 The most important thing in life is to love someone and Rosa really knew it. She loved everyone, no matter who they were. Rosa, we all have your paw print in our hearts. "

  • Jenni

    2.8.1983 – 10.6.1993
    Breeder Pauli Salo Nurmo
    "We have good memories with you in the show rings. At first time we won the group. You were the proud mother of our first litter. It was a beginning for shows and breeding..."

  • Krisse

    Breeder Pentti ja Ulla Rutanen, Leppävesi
    "She was the first Irish setter we had, kindly, wise and full of energy. That´s why we felt love in this breed."

  • Little By Little vh. Adelaarsvaren

    Breeder Ingrid Silvius-Lemstra,Netherlands

  • Lordly Yushannina

    Breeder Jean and Rita Struyf-De Groof, Belgium

  • Frinan New Dawn

    Breeder Eija Jormakka