NEWS 2017

Lots of updating at this time. Sharing good and sad times.

7th of April

It was time to say goodbye to my precious girl Copper ́s Bubbel Story, Hilla

24.3.2007 - 7.4.2017. We will miss you until we meet again.



24th of March

Happy 10th Birthday Hilla and Börje!! Cant believe how fast time goes by! We love you both so much.





19th of March

Korpilahti Group Speciality Frinan Flaming Star, Ruben BD2, judge Harto Stockman



Some photos of our growing kids Frinan Golden Whisper and Golden Cherry at 9 months





21st of January

Turku Int judged by Richard Bott, UK. We got lovely results! Frinan Entertaining Coppers BD2,
Frinan Wild Irish Rose BB4, Copper ́s Bubbel Story BOB-veteran. BOB Forfarian You Sexy Thing, Rhonda.


Last show of the year 2016 was Stockholm Int judged by Mr. P. Bechtold, Austria.
What a great achievement to Frinan Entertaining Coppers, Mumrik - BOB and Swedish Winner 2016.
So grateful to the owner Camilla.

Here are the top juniors in Sweden 2016. These results made me so proud!!


We send one of the lovely puppies to UK. Todays she is living In beautiful Scotland near the lake of Lock Ness.
Lucky Cassie! Sister Alma is staying with us.





Last autumn we were busy with the litter of Fiia and Muscot.